The Maji are in-ear monitors with compact ceramic housings housing 8mm dynamic drivers giving deep powerful bass with clear highs.

Maji 2-small

Made using high-density ceramic housings, designed to eliminate bass distortions brought about by housing resonances.


Ergonomic housing design makes wearing the Maji simple and comfortable.

Maji 3-small


Name:  Maji
Cable:  quad-core silver-plated OFC copper, -196°C Cryo treated
Cable length:  1.2mm
Driver:  8.0mm dynamic driver
Frequency response:  18Hz~22kHz
Nominal impedance:  18Ω
Sensitivity:  110dB


Handmade leather earphone case

Maji 4-hero2

ShoonTH custom three-stage cryoed Rhodium deep-coated jack for consistent low resistance connections.

Maji cable

Quad core silver coated copper cabling--two-stage cryoed for lowest audio transmission losses.