Model no.: ESEP-02D "Shun"
Cable length: 1.15m
Driver size: 15.4mm
Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz

Nominal impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 110dB
Cable composition: 4-core OFC copper


Based on the legendary Fostex 15.4mm drivers of Sennheiser MX500 fame, the drivers used in the Discovery are further improved using modern materials.  The diaphragm thickness has been reduced, improving transient response.

Discovery cables

Don't be fooled by the iPod-esque cable appearance--ShoonTH are the cable experts and their budget model is no exception.  Quad core 30AWG 99.99% OFC copper yields a cable resistance of under 0.3Ω.


Bass is enough. There’s depth to keep things thumping but not a lot of quantity to satisfy bassheads. There’s thickness on the mid-upper-bass that makes the whole signature sound warm. Fast attack and clean texture.--Christian Climaco, Headpie

Mids: The mids are forward; it may give a hint of being somewhat "in your face". Vocals are presented in a warm and smooth manner. The thickness of the vocals is elevated which contributes to the sweetness and liveliness of both male and female vocals. Overall I consider the mids to be the main strength of Shun.--Ian Yambao, Earbuds Anonymous

Highs:  Buttery smooth apex frequency characteristic with no sign of sibilance whatsoever. Depicted as being airy without any loss of details. It may not be forward or prominent as you would expect but nonetheless a very interesting tuning concept perfect for fast tempoed songs specially delightful on rock or heavy metal genre.--SpacePandaReviews

Conclusion: People looking for a new buds would want to take a look at this one. I'm not an earbuds person (I'm a headphones of a person) but I highly give this my seal of approval. I will tinker my unit in the future to open it up more and see how far this buds can go.--Eargasmic Audio Shack