ShoonTH researches and develops high fidelity audio cables under an all new concept and possesses an excellent R&D team led by Mr. Shoon, the product line including pre-designed high fidelity audio cabling and a personalized sound tuning service as well (using cables or otherwise).  Our tuning service produces bespoke hi-end cabling according to the tuning requirements of different customers and their equipment.

Besides the ShoonTH trademark itself, our two series trademarks “Exciting Sound” and “Extraordinary Sound” represent two grades of audio quality: “Exciting Sound” for mid-level products that excite the listeners’ audio palate, and “Extraordinary Sound” for high-end products that will impress seasoned audiophiles with its objective performance and subjective qualities alike.

ShoonTH handcrafted cables started off in 2008, led by the efforts of the founder Mr. Shoon and the series of uniquely designed cables he produced.  As a seasoned audiophile, he has high demands of his interconnects, while the market is filled mostly with products only based on machine-woven cabling only, causing such variables as wire diameter, wire core and plating material, dielectric and sheathing material to be limited to fixed combinations, increasing the difficulty of matching cabling to equipment characteristics.

By striving to design bespoke hi-end cabling according to different clients’ personal tuning requirements stemming from both their listening tastes and equipment combinations, Mr. Shoon defined a new ideal in cable-based audio system tuning.  By insisting on 100% handcrafted cabling, ShoonTH puts forth unique cable products with cabling structures never before achieved by any cabling factories and totally audio qualities to match.


Differences between ShoonTH cables and traditional cables

Traditional “handmade” cables are produced via the following steps:

  1. Design submits design drawing for cabling
  2. Cabling is realized via mechanical processes to cabling measuring 100m per roll
  3. Cabling from (2) is cut and soldered to terminals etc. by hand.

This is not real handmade cabling, especially as the essential cabling itself is not handmade.  More importantly, there are many advanced cabling topologies whih cannot be realized via mechanical processes. It is impossible to customize the cabling of each cable to tune the sound according to each customer’s needs.  The structure of mechanically produced cabling remains the same for the same model for different lengths, not being able to compensate for the changes brought about by this difference.  The cosmetic outlook is also fixed.


What’s different about ShoonTH handmade cables?

  1. Other than the essential metalworking process, all ShoonTH handmade cabling are handmade from start to finish.
  2. This enables us to design and produce complex cabling topologies that no mechanical process can duplicate.
  3. Also enables us to adjust the tuning of the design according to customer needs…

… and adjust the geometry and strand diameter of the cabling itself for different interconnect lengths to make the sound consistent for different cable run lengths